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Application for Special Use Privileges

Patrons wishing to use materials in the Nichibunken Library Collection and digitalized images in databases at Nichibunken for publications, television programs, exhibitions and other uses should fill out the Image Use Contact form (see below) or contact us by email with the particulars at the following address:

  【Form】 Image Use Contact form

  【Contact】 International Research Center for Japanese Studies
       Library Services Unit (Shiryo Riyo Kakari):

  【Information to be provided】
     ▪ Name or title of materials, title of image, and the URL for the item

     ▪ Particulars of use (book publication, television program, exhibition, etc.)
     ▪ Data requirements: Do you need to use the original photograph or master data for a digitalized image?

After checking the identity of the work, condition of the original or digital image, owner, restrictions, and procedures for use, the Library will contact you.

● When use of the original photographs or digital master data are not needed
(e.g., to download public domain images for use in publications, television programs, or exhibitions)
You will receive a reply to your email within one to three days.

● When use of the original photographs or digital master data is needed
Please follow the steps of the “Application Process” given below and submit an “Application for Special Use Privileges.”
In some cases, you will be asked to pay a designated fee for use of the material.
Delivery of the image data generally takes two to three weeks.

Application for Special Use Privileges

Patrons wishing to use materials or digital images in the Nichibunken collection for any of the reasons below must place a request by submitting the “Application for Special Use Privileges” described below.


  • Use of photographic negatives, master data for digital images
  • Photography (stills, video)
  • Reproduction (photographic reproduction, transcription, etc.)

Usage fees

Note: In accord with the “International Research Center for Japanese Studies Regulations for Special Use of Materials,” Nichibunken charges usage fees depending on how and for what purpose materials will be used. The amount of the fee and the possibility of having the fee waived depends on how and for what purpose materials will be used. For more details, contact in advance.

Representative cases

  • A user personally downloads and uses image data provided on the Nichibunken web site—free of charge
  • The publisher of the publication is a national or local public entity, an independent administrative agency, a private school, or a research center, and the material will be used for educational, scholarly, or cultural purposes—free of charge
  • Use in all other publications, television programs, etc. and also require copies of original digital images—FEE REQUIRED (¥3200 per item)

Application process

Please mail in the following form and other relevant materials.

  • Application for Special Use Privileges (PDF file)
    Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files.
  • Hard copy indicating the source or the part of the source that will be used
  • Written proposal or summary describing the contents of the publication, etc.
  • Return envelope with postage (for mailing written authorization)
  • [When images are required] CD-R or DVD (for sending data)
  • [When images are required] Return envelope with postage for mailing CD-R or DVD
  • [When usage fee is required] Billing name and address

Payments and mailing of images

  • It may take 7 to 10 days for written authorization for special use to arrive.
  • Master data for images is mailed after payment has been verified, so delivery may take 2 to 3 weeks.
  • In cases where usage fees are required, payment and shipment of images generally takes place in the following order: receipt of usage application form→ (verification of application) → mailing of written authorization and bill → applicant’s payment → verification of payment → shipment of images, etc.
  • NOTE: When the specifications of a photographic negative or a digital image’s master data need to be verified, please contact Nichibunken in advance.


The following conditions apply when using special materials:

1. Do not use the material for purposes other than those listed on your application.
2. Do not alter images or data without permission when using them.
3. You must clearly indicate that the owner of the materials and/or provider of images is the International Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken).
NOTE: Each image or source must be labeled in a way that indicates that it belongs to the International Center for Japanese Studies. Do not list the owner at the end of the book or manuscript, in the margins, in a group, or in a way that is not connected to the image or source. For more details see "Giving Credit."

Miyako meisho zue, "Gion no hanami" (Courtesy of the International Center for Japanese Studies)

Giving Credit (PDF file:276KB)
Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files.

4.When a source or image is being photographed, a copy of the film or data will be donated to Nichibunken.
5.When a photographic negative is being used, the book or film in which it appears, or a copy thereof, will be donated to Nichibunken.
6.If a source or photographic negative is damaged, the user will restore it to its pre-existing state or pay for its loss.
7.When using the material, users will follow directions from Nichibunken staff.
8.If problems arise concerning copyright, the applicant bears full responsibility.

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